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Our surrounding Reality is a vibration dynamics of various frequency and configuration, which in its inferior – three-dimensional - wave range is perceived as colors and sounds.

The wave vibration principle is being the fundamental one for the Creation as a whole, and for everything, existing within It in particular, including Words, Thoughts, Senses and the entire palette of music and colors. The color range vibrations, by means of our physical perception mechanisms, merge into variable pictures, objects, events of nature and multiple images, while the sound waves can be distinguished as the bird chirp, wind, surf and rain noise, indecipherable discordance of rural and city life, as well as variable words, melodies and complex-sounding music.

We are an integral part of the global vibrational planetary rhythm as well as the Universe, therefore every organ and system of our physical body functions on specific frequency, the forceful alteration of which leads to the deterioration of its function mechanisms as a whole, and our well-being in particular. Our entire existential activity represents our continuous Self-Conciseness Focus transformation from one type of qualitative wave range into the other, while the lasting cycle of these rhythms actually represents something, we ought to define as spiritual “aspiration” or “fall”, “happiness” and “joy”, “sorrow” and “grief”, “goodness” and “love”, “evil” and “hatred”.

The word - is a certain combination of sounds, aimed at the expression and specificity of some form, as well as for the conveying of the Thought meaning, intention or motive.

While certain words can heal, ennoble and spiritualize, others can significantly hurt our psyche, morally crush, and even physically annihilate us. For instance, vulgar expletives, utilized on a regular basis, destroy the harmonious wave organism programs and significantly degrade the Self-Consciousness Focus of individual constructive activity. The language, in which such words are pronounced, is totally irrelevant, since the most important thing is the MEANING, embedded in its vibration and intonation. 

The combination of various sounds clearly specifies the meaning and definition of various complex Thought-Forms, strictly differentiating the entire wave range into the separate sounds, according to their corresponding creative activity range, at the same time losing and omitting these profoundly unique – emotional, sensuous and truly spiritual – vibrations, which every Thought-Form, manifested within our Reality, is characterized with. The words are simply unable to convey the unconscious, intangible, inexplicable and indescribable something, which is possible to experience only upon listening to genuinely talented compositions or songs, performed by the true masters of these genres of creativity.

Through music it is possible not only to stimulate (purposefully model) various psychic states, but also effectively control the human (plus animal and vegetation) nerve system activity, as well as other biological organisms and systems, responsible for memory, motility, spatial and temporal orientation, speech, motor functions, and much more.

Depending on the sound and rhythm quality, the music can represent true spiritual Self-Awareness upliftment, coupled with powerful various disease-healing mechanisms, or it can powerfully affect the human psyche-biological system in general. Various experiments of purposeful musical influence with animals, plants and water are a widely-publicized fact; it is well documented, proven by hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide in various international scientific institutions. 

The water, in terms of its multi-dimensional – ether – structure, is a universal energy-information carrier, where the entire information of our planet development, including all of its living Forms, is archived throughout the multitude of its various Realities.

All microbiological plant, animal and humans structures (cells) consist of water for about 70-80%, which establishes the individual function frequency for each internal organ or system, by means of its cytoplasmic information base.

This is exactly why our every organ reacts towards the multi-quality musical vibrations, affecting the water molecules of our bodies, so responsively - depending on an influence nature, our wellness and health can either harmonize and improve, or misbalance and fall in decline. It was experimentally concluded, that the various brain, central and autonomic nerve system functions, as well as cell regeneration processes can be substantially improved, stimulated and regulated by means of various rhythms and sounds.

Not only water, but also the DNA and RNA molecules, structuring our individual genetic complexes, can actively perceive, react and decipher the sound information, according to its preprogrammed meaning, store it for extensive periods of time, and pass it over to next generations as genetic material.

For instance, ugly and jarring, disharmonious and destructive in their energy-informational meaning, - music, as well as words, - tremendously deform and destruct the organism’s wave programs, which directly results in birth of mentally retarded children as well as children, bearing various forms of mental deviations and physical ugliness.

Each of the seven planetary psychic energy centers (IISSIIDII), organizing he entire dynamics of our Self-Consciousness structures, has its own specific manifestation activity vibrational range.

Actually, it is those "seven strings of our Soul" which form the entire scale of our terrestrial Life, and which completely determine all our “spiritual”, psychic, mental and physical condition. The sounds we hear or music we listen to, instantly resonate with individual frequency of any given IISSIIDII-center by means of its rhythm and the sound nature, thus activating only specific psychophysical process, inherent for the construction activity of various Thought-Forms, which provide the dynamics activity of specific levels of that center, revealing as our desires, interests, choices and actions. Depending on the music influence type, we can become either good-natured and counterbalanced, quiet and inclined to reflection, or active and sexually aroused, violent and aggressive, joyful and vigorous, sad and melancholic.

Speaking about the word or music vibration influence of the quality state of our Self-Consciousness and our biological organism, we have to note that there are many things, which are traditionally defined as positively-influencing energy, but which in reality are capable of subjecting our Consciousness into the destructive levels of energy-information interactivity. It is safe to mention that the various music rhythms are biological by nature throughout any level of our perception, since the psychic, - emotional, sensuous and intellectual, - information, incased by composers and performers into various musical compositions, considerably affects our biological and high-energy bodies in terms of either favorably adjusting the results of various extended and powerfully destructive mental conditions, which have generated pathological dysfunctions, or vice versa, disrupting the relative hardly established harmony within our organisms.

Please remember that any type of music or a song (just as any other type of creation – paining, sculpture, photography, movie, dance and so on) actually transforms the same exact psychic energy-information into the Self-Consciousness structure of any human-being, which their authors (composers, painters, performers, actors, photo models, etc.) have experienced during the creational process.

All of them actively self-express their constructive activity in a spiritual, psychic, emotional fashion, infusing it not only with their own Self- and Worldview perceptions, but also their entire physical and spiritual wellness, or steady pathological conditions.

Most pop music idols, while pleasing the fashion or a specific paid-for request, incase their hastily “composed” compositions with everything, which within long ago is corroding them from the inside, showering the spectators or listeners with their long-standing resentments, chronic hypocrisy, concealed envy, latent meanness, congenital falsity, overwhelming greed, obsessive lust, inveterate cynicism and other generous "gifts", including many illnesses, which as a thistle, were roughly grown on this fertile psychopathological soil. 

In the "best" case scenario, listening to modern "smash hits" can forcefully activate your middle energy levels of the sexual Center or the most inferior levels of the intellect and heart Centers. The entire show business “operates” exclusively within limits of maximal aggression activity of the two most inferior Energy Centers. The same is true regarding the cinema, video, TV, computer games and fine art, all of which have long ago become the most zealous propagandists and mass distributors of the “anti-world” ideology with peculiar for it dirty politics, double morals, glamorous fashion and primitive bad taste.

Please always keep in mind that each single instant of “working” condition of any composer or a painter, for instance, is coded on an energy-informational level into the specific combination of various rhythms and sounds, words, Thought-Forms and images, all of which firmly and indissolubly "become attached" to each of his or her creations and may depressingly impact any spectators or listener’s Self-Consciousness creative activity, upon the careful listening to, or thorough inspecting of the given composition or an artwork.

The correlation of your Self-Consciousness with any musical rhythm, instantly codes the “individual” Configuration with corresponding parameter (clex), thus refocusing your Close Attention Focus (CAF) into the composer’s psychic condition levels, which quite frankly, not always are being absolutely harmless for your own psyche, as well as your physical health. That’s because any music, sound, song or rhythm – is, above all a source of Information; therefore, your physical wellness, mental state and even your Destiny, created by means of your constant choice-making, ideals and preferences, predominantly depends on that musical Information quality (since it is your free choice whether to continue listening to such music, or not).

It is your right to listen and enjoy the music which imposes you, however, at least please take good care of your physical health, if your own psycho-spiritual condition don’t concern you at all. It is experimentally confirmed that even a few instances of exposure to a depressive, mentally and psychologically poisoned music, make human Consciousness extremely susceptible to aggressively-sexual and other low-quality encodings, cultivating in it the strong dependence from disharmonious sounds, without which the surrounding reality seems overly dull, boring and mawkish.

On the other hand, sublime rhythms and overflowing melodies, in combination with vibrations of words, transforming any melody into a song, just amazingly able to activate the superior Consciousness levels of these, who sincerely sing these songs or listen to them with a deep heartfelt participation. Many compositions, traditionally performed in orthodox and catholic churches, are initially written to well-known prayers and psalms. Unfortunately however, not many people listen and comprehend these dignified spiritual songs, since their meaning remains unclear and inaccessible to them, while such harmonious music can only be listened to and enjoyed without any degree of personal participation.

However, we strongly think that most people would greatly appreciate songs, which they could actually sing either with an accompaniment, or without; songs, which all people could sing together throughout various existential situations, where the song’s meaning and purpose would be fully understood by all, assisting everyone in their daily life activities, and helping them to make more qualitative decisions, elate and support during personal crises and physical ailments.

Knowing this I once have decided to create a new, absolutely integral, harmonious and universal (in terms of its expression) musical spiritual development direction, (counterbalancing the present, aggressive sexually- maniacal musical delusion), effectively reorienting people’s Focuses of Self-Consciousness into more harmonious and highly-qualitative Existential levels. I became certain of this while working on the book series, called "IISSIIDIOLOGY Fundamentals”, where not only Universe Laws and Principles are outlined exhaustively, but also the Paths, by means of which it is possible to arrive at practical self-realization in terms of the spiritual Harmony, stabilizing the Self-Consciousness Focus within levels of unconditional Love, Altruism, profound Comprehension and constructive creative comprehension of prime Objectives of our infinite Existence.

Hence Ayfaar Songs were created. These songs carry the exclusively positive and altruistic energy-information, actively adjusting both - the performer and the listener only towards the heartfelt Joy, Love for people, the strive for Beauty and Harmony, cultivating goodwill and kindness, powerfully stimulating the high-quality spiritual aspirations within individual Self-Consciousness, defining the high Purposes and offering a set of Ways for their achievement.

My Songs is an effective and efficient method of psycho-spiritual and physical improvement – that is a conscious evolutionary re-projection of not only each individual’s Self-Consciousness, but the whole Collective Intellect of our Planet, since the improvement of vital creativity of each separate element instantly improves the qualitative condition ("vibration configuration") of the entire Formo-System. Your most superior positive and loving creative activity will inevitably influence the “Focus” of the entire humankind, automatically exempting the World from chaos, aggression, hatred, cataclysms, wars and the general decline of civilization!

I have chosen the totally forgotten by many, but at some point in time, quite known compositions from 1930-s and 40-s all the way to 1990-s, to serve as a musical foundation texts for Ayfaar Songs collection, which still invokes only the very best, warm, goodhearted and benevolent feelings in people. If these melodies were good enough to provide strength and courage for millions during the hardest times of WWII, in awful torture chambers of Stalin concentration camps, false political web of "Khruschev's thaw" and the “Jesuit” economy of "Brezhnev's era", then for sure, transformed into a highly-spiritual form, these reformed Songs will serve the people worldwide for years to come, finding a deep response in their Hearts, assisting them in their spiritual growth and development.

In order to cease this uncontrollable falling of our grandsons and great-grandsons in the deepest abyss of cruelty, cynicism, aggression and inspirituality, I present the Ayfaar Songs to the tired worldwide community.

The ancient sages have stated: "Free children from lies, tasteless music and malignant gossip if you wish to spread a great nation to the world."

With Love and Light – Yours sincerely ORIS