In English
Ayfaar songs are true gift to the whole, as up until recently, there was nothing of a kind. These songs allow us to reveal our new inner qualities that we do not focus upon in our daily lives.

Although sometimes they sparkle inside us, but very quietly, somehow unstably - like a light breeze, they swoop at times upon us in the sequence of our everyday lives, disappearing without a trace.

The only thing, which reminds us of them, is being a slight longing feeling, which we aren’t able to anyhow characterize, define or specify. And this feeling lives deep within us, refreshes us occasionally with barely noticeable, elusive state, upon feeling of which we begin to rejoice: "The soul is singing!”.

Once American students asked Tatiana Tolstoy, professor of Russian literature about Alexander Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy works, where the term “soul”, was utilized quite often: - “What is the Soul”? And she couldn’t really explain it. We think that’s because the Soul – is something, which symbolizes the sensual Condition of the superior levels of spiritual ecstasy. But even this expression is nothing but words, since none of the feelings can be explained or reflected verbally, it can only be experienced.

And so Ayfaar Songs allow us to experience these highly spiritual Conditions. When we sing these songs consciously, thoughtfully, sensuously, the Wave of Light, Love, Benevolence and Goodness begins filling all our beings, as if we suddenly have “grown wings"; we rise over everything petty and specifically-subjective; we commence covering enormous vast with our own Self-Consciousness on such exorbitant scale, that each detail of our Reality becomes clear and connected with All Being.

We begin sounding in unison with the rest of the Universe; we feel that everyone around us – is a one huge Family, where on the whole Earth there isn’t a single stranger, where all the “people” are very close relatives, unified and beloved! We begin seeing one another with loving eyes and we recognize each other, when finishing touches, hints and a global awareness suddenly arise from the depths of our Memory…

And so we begin to understand those who are not yet perfect, we realize that some of them are still behave just like little kids, who don’t know much about themselves, about their diverse existence; they simply don’t have the necessary experience to realize themselves in a different, a more humanized way, however, we know that the time will come and they will become better, smarter, nobler, kinder, - for sure!

Any feeling of insecurity, frustration, loss of something or someone, irrevocably scatter as a result of conditions caused by Ayfaar songs; instead they are replaced by strong belief that nothing disappears, and no one dies, that no one can ever be gone forever because it’s simply impossible, and that we all will still meet again and know each other at some point in time. Our thinking and reasoning becomes clear and pure; we understand that "Death" can’t exist within a benevolent and pure soul, and that we all will once arrive to such reality once we become more human. We begin to feel profound degree of gratitude towards the rest of the World, the Cosmos and the whole Universe; gratitude and thankfulness for the Life that pulsates in every heart with its unfading Light, with its endlessness and its magnificence of global Unity!

While we sing these songs, the Eternity is pouring into our beings, and we realize ourselves inherently immortal and not from a hearsay.

There isn’t anything in this Life, which could possibly take Life away from us – we sincerely believe into Immortality, but not because someone told us to or because we wish to do so, but because it exists in the very Nature of our Human Existence, of which we sing. We perceive these songs as true messengers from the higher qualitative Levels of our own Self-Consciousness. Self-Consciousness isn’t something that can be taken away since it simply infinitely exists throughout its constantly changing Forms.

The conditions, which overcome as a result of Ayfaar songs singing can’t be achieved otherwise. Even the most famous and best masterpieces, highest in their art form, aren’t able to bring us closer to such high-spiritual states; yes, they provide us with a certain highly-sensuous pleasure and joy, however, this experience isn’t really applicable, as it all occurs beyond and separately from our Lives. But songs… they do firmly unite our very Life with superior Self Perceptions, with spirituality.

We begin to infuse these songs into this Reality by means of our very “individuality” – by the quality of our own choices, our own states and our own reactions. And thus we can witness the transformation of our own beings. The quality of our existential creation becomes more profound, more extensive and diverse. We overgrow the separatist worldview, based upon detachment from everything and everyone else; instead we become an active and conscious part of the TOTALITY.

The new, not yet articulated Meaning fills our Lives; nevertheless this Meaning provides our Lives with a whole new Beginning and Higher Sense - bright, vivid and truly infinite. Provided for these songs, we commence to actually experience our incredible nearest Future, as if we literally “magnetize” it towards ourselves, since now we all know that everyone has equal chance to have such stupendous Future, which we sing about in our Ayfaar songs!