Evening, as with heavenly candles
Illuminated the campfire smoke with the sunset,
And then froze between stars and us
And adorned our Ayfaar with the moon.

Night slides with the light coolness,
Pushing away the day behind the horizon,
Following it and the heavenly armada of stars
Is coming for tea to our campfire.

We became friends with them long time ago,
And when the Soul calls for the flight,
To our campfire from all the heavenly vastness
Flows the infinite Milky Way.

Being filled with the tea flavor,
The gold evening whirls with sparks over the campfire
And a clear ray of the sunset
Gently stirs the coals.

Here is my home and my life, I will not hide!
Here I’m open to the Light and ALL.
Here I can learn what I'm worth in Life,
If I understand the Mystery of Life.

Here I will fall asleep hugging the earth with shoulders,
Listening how nightingales trill.
And here I will die, leafing through the Life from beginning,
Being revived in Light and Love!

The evening with golden rays
Soared above our campfire,
As if illuminated with heavenly candles
Our AYFAAR Altars.