A Song Of Ayfaar
Original text of this song

Here, it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old,
Listen closely to the sound of aged guitars.
Heavenward, with a joyful song,
The Ayfaar ascends to the Light of Prophecy!

Here, everything is more feasible in the Creator’s Intent!
Here, people and Hearts are more refined!
The feelings – truer!
The world – more just!
The happiness – happier! And without end!

Here, the River of Time is less apparent, –
Millennia are curling our hair!
From the sparkling skies, the pure stars
Turn their shining eyes on us from above!

Here, the blue winds take wing,
Here, the stars bathe in the mornings.
Forgotten Fates, open Souls
Unite here, at the bonfire!

Here, the azure shines with flight of colours,
The trees lure with their blue paws,
With starry showers – abundant in light! –
The sweetest of words pour!

Eternal stars shall illume our Path,
Cordial Joy fills the chest!
The timeless and endless Verities,
Don’t you forget them amidst the rushing days!

Don’t you forget!