Calling to New Worlds
Original text of this song

We getting lost in the whirl of centuries
Lost our Light when returned evil for evil.
And violent snowstorms of our Life
Will never return.
They sailed away, stormy like waters,
Offering us the next route …
But we have not found freedom from evil
And have not loosened paths of evil Fate…

To continue or not to continue
The swirl of pain and misery?!
Each must decide:
Someone – YES, someone – NO …
Following the darkness of dashing nights
Joys of the new day are waiting for us!
I decide to live for others!
Hurry and follow me! Do not be afraid!

Love for others gives Freedom to the Soul,
Reviving in us Spirit’s Interest!
We will not go back to the darkness,
Only up! To Heavens!

Let those who preferred to choose "NO",
To curse and to threat hundred times!
Do not look back,
Head to the Dawn!
Following the addictiveness of earthy nights
The New Day will ripe,
Where there will not be any bad people
Or scary news …

Love has united us! And further – is easier!
The dream leads us to the future Worlds!
The Infinity of Spirit more tangibly
Fills us with the Forces of Good!

It means we haven’t suffered in vain,
In mazes of grief and misery!
The Dawn has blushed above the Earth
Signifying the Sunrise!
And in the radiance of other Worlds
The evil of passions will be repealed,
And all will start living for others –
Without diseases and deaths! ..